Finishing Solutions

Reliance Printing Solutions can help you with expert advise. Choose from specialized types of finshing processes such as foil stamping, die cutting, folding services and more. Call us today to get started with your custom finish!

+   Die-Cutting
+   Foil Stamping
+   Custom Coatings
+   Bindery Solutions
+   Gluing
+   Affixing


Die-cutting is used to cut thin flat materials, such as paper, into your desired shape. It can be used to punch a decorative shape into custom converted envelopes, or to create patterns within a larger print job. Die-cutting is also often used to produce the overall shape of a print piece by cutting an entire sheet of paper according to your chosen design.

Foil Stamping

Foil stamping is the application of Mylar backed material to paper. This finishing technique is often used to highlight print elements that should stand out. Foil films for stamping are available in a wide variety of colors and visual effects.

Custom Coating

Custom print coatings can be applied to one or both sides of a printed piece to provide protection or to create special visual effects. They are commonly used for mailed products or any printed piece that will be handled, such as business cards, catalogs, presentation folders, or brochures. Coatings protect these pieces from moisture, fingerprints, scuffing, and other environmental elements. They can also be used to create a glossy, dull, or highlighted finish.

Bindery Solutions

Professional paper folding is used to create custom folded paper products. When your print piece is professionally folded, we consider the type of paper, mill methods used, type of paper fibers, and the grain of the fibers in the paper. The resulting folds look crisp, and the edges will not tear. From pocket folders to envelopes, when it comes to putting the final folded unit together, Reliance Printing Solutions has you covered.


Hand-gluing is often required for folded print projects, such as pocket folders and envelopes. Promotional add-ons, including membership cards, vouchers and coupons, also require gluing. These are often attached to printed paper pieces with a peel-away adhesive, such as a glue dot, so that the add-on can be easily removed without damaging any materials.


Packaging labels, address labels, postage stamps, and other mass-affixed print pieces can be professionally affixed to envelopes, packages, and more. Reliance Printing Solutions will determine the best affixing method for your project (auto/machine affixed or hand-affixed), and streamline the process for you.




Reliance designed and printed this custom label for a limited-production boutique brewery. We commissioned an artist to create an original drawing that served as the foundation for the label. Fine silver foil was added to highlight the brew master’s signature and other important elements of the artwork.