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Digital & Offset Printing

Digital & Offset Sheetfed Printing

Many different promotional materials are created using one of two printing methods:modernized Digital Printing or traditional OffsetSheetfed Printing. Both offer their own unique advantages, and serve as staples in the commercial printing marketplace.

The team at Reliance Printing Solutions will consider many different variables, such as required quantity, production schedule, and size of the printed unit, to determine which method is best for your project. Read more about the differences below, or call us for details!

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Digital print

Since they requires no printing plates, digital printing presses provide a fast, cost-effective way to for print a small number of units (100 postcards, for example) without compromising quality. Use as many colors as you need. Many digital presses also offer variable data technology, which allows you to print individually customized pieces. Postcards, for example, are often personalized with unique names and addresses. Digital presses even reproduce scanned imagery, such as a painting or a hand-drawn illustration.

Advantages of Digital Printing:

+  Short Runs – Ideal for any print job under 500 units.
+  Variable Data Digital Technology - Print custom copy on individual units, such as addresses for mailers.
+  Quick & Affordable – Little setup is required which reduces cost and speeds up production.


Offset sheetfed printing is commonly used for top-quality print jobs. Offset printing provides wider format flexibility and specialized colors and techniques. Offset sheetfed presses also print on thicker printing substrates, and use cut-size paper to create the most professional end-product possible.

Advantages of Offset Printing:

+  Long Runs – Ideal for any print job over 500 units.
+  Larger Format – Process sheets up to 60 x 82 inches.
+  Advanced Functionality – Use an endless palette of colors and printing techniques.   (Print PMS colors and enhance texture with varnishes.)


Offset Printing


The goal for these pocket folders was to create a unique and professional presentation. Every pertinent aspect of the message was organized and showcased in a workflow and color framework that consolidates the marketing material and offers a clean, eye-catching impression.

Offset Printing


When quality is a top priority, our clients rely on us to execute their ideas in print at the highest level. This custom envelope needed to relay an image of unsurpassed excellence to the company’s target prospect. Careful stock choice and press configuration were coordinated by Reliance Printing Solutions, resulting in this wonderful example of printing artwork.